Objections against default summons

If the debtor objects to the default summons, the creditor can proceed in two ways:

  • The creditor can have the objection of the debtor set aside in a simple procedure, if he has a title to his claim.
    • This can either be a document signed by the debtor wherein the debtor recognizes the claim, e.g. a promissory note.
    • Or it can be a court decision against the debtor awarding the creditor with a specified sum.
  • If the creditor is not in possession of a promissory note or a court decision awarding him with a specified sum, he has to initiate legal action against the debtor to obtain such a court award. This court can also set aside the objection.


The creditor has to proceed within ten days or the notice to the tenants of real estate is revoked, rendering the rent unavailable to execution.

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